About the Gertie Chef

Gertie’s is a family-owned restaurant serving European food and carefully curated wines. All of Gertie's dishes are seasonal, handmade, and crafted by Chef Kieran McMeekin and his culinary team. Gertie's wine menu is a tasteful compilation of old-world European selections as well as outstanding local wines.

With Gertie's locally inspired concept, the team brings professionally prepared meals in a European homemade fashion. Cuisine made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients creates a nostalgic memorable experience. At Gertie and the Giant Octopus, there is a community atmosphere perfect for special occasions and family meals. 


By age seventeen, Chef Kieran McMeekin was already working for two of the most acclaimed restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. His love of food—cooking it, eating it, talking about it, and dreaming about it—inspired him to extensively travel four continents, eating at and working for everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to rustic, farm-to-table ranches, before finally settling in the Pacific Northwest in 2017 and pursuing his culinary career here. 

Kieran believes in making European cuisine accessible, relying on traditional and approachable dishes as the foundation for his boundless creativity and passion for his PNW home. Having completed sommelier training, Kieran is also the driving force behind Gertie’s uniquely tailored wine collection.


We believe in doing our part for the community that we call home. Gertie’s is committed to conscientiously addressing the waste produced by the restaurant industry, and Chef Kieran McMeekin has implemented important sustainability efforts at Gertie’s. After discovering that local recycling services wouldn’t take glass bottles from the restaurant, Kieran now recycles the bottles himself. He also collects kitchen scraps that would otherwise be wasted to feed to his chickens.

From Our Gertie Family

Aliya Z. 

“An elegant ambiance with delicious food and a warm/attentive service, we truly had a wonderful dining experience."

Karin F.

"Excellent food, wine, desserts, all made with quality ingredients by a truly talented chef and trained pastry chef. Best choice for Spanish/ Mediterranean tapas and food in the Harbor."

Jeanie V.

“The decor is delightful and reminded me of many small restaurants tucked away in old European cities. We do appreciate that they only serve for a few hours on the evenings they are open and make everything from scratch. Their menu selections are worth the prices paid. I did enjoy the best wine I have ever had in an American restaurant! 
Gertie's and the Giant Octopus is a great place for a special occasion and won't disappoint you with their meals services.”